Wood Floor Cleaning: How to Use Right Natural Cleaning Products

How to Clean Hardwood Floors Naturally:There is little doubt that hardwood flooring looks great.

However, the material is still susceptible to damage, staining and scratches over time due to wear and tear and foot traffic, not to mention pets and kids (my dog sometimes answers nature’s call right in the living room).

This means you have to clean the floor from time to time.

As you would know, the majority of cleaning products on the market are synthetic and potentially toxic.

If you want to learn how to clean hardwood floors naturally, you will have to start by selecting the right cleaning agent.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from:


Cleaning Wood Floors with Vinegar

Personally, I’ve found vinegar to be by far the best option for cleaning hardwood floors naturally. Just add ¼ cup of white vinegar in the mopping water and you can get rid of grime and grease as well as wax.

Moreover, it will also remove any odors emanating from the floor.

Yes, vinegar does smell but once it dries, you won’t smell a thing. This mixture is also great for cleaning stains.

How to use Lemon for Wood Floors Cleaning

Clean Hardwood Floors Naturally:Lemon is a godsend for home owners with hardwood flooring who have pets (like me).

Pets and kids bring in all sorts of contaminants from the outdoors with their feet.

This means your floor may be home to a colony of bacteria, in which case you’ll need a strong acidic cleaner to drive them out.

This is where lemon works wonders. Simply pour ½ a cup of lemon juice in the mopping water and you will have a clean and bacteria-free floor in no time.


Cleaning Wood Floors with Olive Oil

olive-oilNot only is olive oil effective in cleaning hardwood flooring but if you mix it with white vinegar, it will help you restore its shine.

The best part is you only need to use a few drops, making it an effective and cost-effective solution for you.


Baking soda Floor Cleaner

Oh, those scuff marks can be a real pain to remove!

If you use regular cleaning products, it seems as if you will never be able to get them out, and as someone who has seen her fair share of scruff marks on hardwood flooring, I can safely say baking soda is a real lifesaver.

And it doesn’t even take a lot of effort. Let alone getting on your knees; you hardly have to move.

Just use a mop with a handle for this. Simply dampen the sponge at the end, sprinkle some baking soda on the affected area, and then rub away.Sodium_bicarbonate

I guarantee the scruff marks will be gone by the time you are done.

So, these are some natural cleaning agents you should use for cleaning your hardwood floors.

As you can see, each one serves a different purpose. Plus you can easily find them in your kitchen, making your Kitchen floor-cleaning process as easy as ABC.

To sum it up, for anyone asking how to clean hardwood floors naturally, the answer is, ‘just raid your pantry,’ you’re sure to find one of these super cleaning agents!

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