Top 7 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Home

Top 7 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Home


If there is any better way to welcome the Christmas holidays, it has to be focusing on turning the home into a magical joyful place with decorations.

And these Christmas decoration ideas in homes really should be all about magic.

Have you for once considered a decoration that will not cost all your hard earned income to make your home Christmas decorations, holiday guest hosting, or that get together you may be having?

What of having a tropical decoration which gives your home that sense of peace and tranquillity?

Well, Compiled here are collections of top seven (7) great ideas on how to decorate our homes using several charming Christmas decorations which I hope will help your inspirations this yuletide.


  1. Your Home:

The living room is the first that comes to mine when talking home decorations for the Christmas.

But that is definitely not the only portion of the home that requires decorating as the rooms too does, even to the bathroom. One can make a centrepiece in the living room, and/or other places with real plant.


christmas_tree_by_brianhanson2nd-d5npfrn copy

  1. The Christmas Tree:

The Christmas tree is one major thing to think of in home decoration.

Make some paper flowers like red roses for the Christmas season and have them ready for decoration on the tree.

If you are using lights on your tree be sure not to cover them with any of your other designs. Put the lights on the tree first then add your other designs.

Doing this for the lights will make your tree sparkle and shine.


  1. The Santa Suit Party Game:

As in the preamble, this idea is better applied when hosting guest during the Christmas holidays.

You will need black and red crepe papers, scissors, white cotton, and a heavy transparent tape.

Just group your guests into teams, make them to dress for their Santa using the provided materials.

And get a judge to pick the most dressed Santa for a prize.


  1. A Christmas Party:

Get a Christmas tree decorated for the centre of attention. Ensure your home is decorated as earlier suggested or apply own ideas on Christmas decorating.

You probably will set a buffet table instead of a sit down meal at the dining, so all you may need done is to make a fine paper flower for the centrepiece of the table with a Christmas table cover.


  1. Natural Elements and Colours:

Using tropical decorations in decorating the home, look towards the beach for its inspiration, with aqua, green and tan as the primary colours representing water trees and sand respectively.

A splash of deep red may be added to represent the rising and setting sun.

A little of tropical furniture and accents pieces from natural materials- banana leaf, rattan and sea-grass will attract scene.

Add bamboo candles, bamboo furniture, bamboo picture frames, and bamboo vases.


  1. Sea Shells:

Tell me, what tropical themed home would be complete without shells?

None! Hence I will suggest the idea of using large shells as accent pieces preferably in the bathroom.

Try gluing some shells on blank  canvas to serve as an interesting wall accent.

It will definitely beautify your home, and you will thank me for this great idea.


  1. Tropical wall decor:

Look for wall prints of fine trees, or pineapple, they will make a good tropical style addition to your home.

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