Shark Ion Robot RV720 Review Dual-Action Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Is This the Ultimate Robot Vacuum?

When I decided to get a robot vacuum, I was shocked at how expensive some models were. My search for an affordable vacuum led me to the Shark Ion robot 720, which costs less than the competition but comes packed with good features.



SHARK ion ROBOT 720If you’re like me and need a robot vacuum that can handle pet hair and cleans itself, this is the top choice for you.

This Shark Ion vacuum features a lithium-ion battery and self-cleaning brushes and allows you to set schedules. You can use my Shark Ion robot 720 reviews to see why this is a popular choice.

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Value


  • Dual brushes spin on the sides to grab dust from the corners of a room
  • Smart sensor navigation identifies obstacles and will assess the room
  • It includes scheduling options via the included remote
  • Low-profile design helps the vacuum get into tight spaces
  • Easy to empty


  • Can get stuck as it moves across different surfaces
  • Has trouble getting around large obstacles
  • Long hairs can clog the motor

Who Should Use This Shark ION 720 Vacuum?

With both pets and kids waiting for men when I get home from work, I don’t have as much free time as I would like.

I don’t want to spend my weekends picking up after them or running a vacuum, which is why I liked the convenience of a robot vacuum.

The problem is that most have short battery life and spend more time docked than they do cleaning. I bought it because I wanted an affordable robot vac with a good battery.

Shark Ion 720 can meet your needs too because it has a run time of 70 minutes.

Designed for those who want an easy way to clean, the 720 has a remote control that is easy to use. You just need to tap a few buttons to turn on the 720 and get it moving.

A few more pushes and you can create a cleaning schedule for the next few days. This vacuum will come out from its docking station to clean when you need it.

This is also a good robot vacuum for those struggling with pet hair. It has brushes on each side that pick up those hairs stuck in the corners and along your baseboards.

Similar vacuums can leave behind dust bunnies and loose hair. With a long run time, the included lithium-ion battery can run for up to 70 minutes and clean 1,500 square feet or more per cycle.

What You Should Know About Shark ION Robot 720

Check out the top features of the 720 to see if it meets everything on your checklist.

  • Includes remote control with clearly marked buttons for scheduling and docking
  • Navigates through all types of rooms and can move between rooms
  • Side brushes spin as the vacuum moves under furniture and along baseboards
  • Low-profile design allows the vacuum to move under more pieces of furniture
  • Dust bin easily opens and slides out from the side of the vacuum for convenient dumping
  • Runs for more than an hour before the lithium-ion battery needs charging
  • Self-grooming system removes long hairs and other debris that can tangle around the brushes
  • Scheduling option lets you design that cleaning cycles that your home needs

Find out even more about the Ion 720 and its leading features on the website.

My First Impressions

Upon first glance, the Shark 720 grabbed my attention because its case uses shades of both black and silver rather than the black cases found on other vacuums.

I was also impressed with the remote control because it looked easy to use. After turning on the vacuum, I fell in love with that remote.

It features one-button that tells the vacuum to return to its station. With other vacuums, you need to chase them down and find them trapped behind or under furniture.

I also liked that it ran on its own and didn’t require any additional steps.

The Use Phase

The only thing that changed after using the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum with Remote for a few weeks is that I liked it even more.

It quickly learned how to get around the toys my kids left on the floor and the dog beds that it moved to a new location.

It pulled out dust bunnies from under my couch that I didn’t realize were there and picked up the cracker crumbs my son dropped on the floor.

After four weeks, I feel completely comfortable letting this vacuum run while I’m at work. I did pick up a few tips that you might try, including:

  • Make sure that you set the date and time when scheduling cleaning events because it’s easy to accidentally click the wrong one
  • Read through the Shark Ion Robot 720 manual to find out what each error code means
  • Keep the docking station in a central spot that the vacuum can easily find
  • Try putting up a baby gate or another obstacle if you want to skip certain rooms
  • Keep a backup battery on hand for long term cleaning


My biggest question when looking for a robot vacuum is whether it could handle the messes that my toddler and preschool kids left behind and if it could work when I wasn’t home.

I worried about how our pets would react and if I would come home to even larger messes. In my honest opinion, the 720 is a good option for shoppers on a budget.

I can set a cleaning schedule and let the vacuum run while I’m at work or spending time outside. A good way to see whether it’s the top choice for you is in the following Shark Ion 720 vs 750 chart, which compares the two leading models.

Comparison Table: Shark Ion 720 vs 750

Product Name

Shark Ion 720

Shark Ion 750






5.5 pounds

5.5 pounds

Remote Control



WiFi App



Voice Control



HEPA Filter



Final Thoughts

No Shark Ion Robot 720 review is complete without a look at the bottom line. If you want one that you can connect to a device and use voice controls or one that works on your WiFi signal, go with the 750.

Though the 720 lacks those features, it comes with a remote control that performs the same functions. It is the same weight and has the same 2.5-inch clearance as the 750 but costs less.

I give this vacuum a 4.7 out of 5 stars because I did experience some problems with it sticking when moving between rooms. Shark Ion 750 can handle most of my cleaning needs.