Sebo vs Miele: Which Canister Vacuum Is Best For Cleaning Your Home?

Sebo vs Miele vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming a large space can be rigorous, especially if you have a subpar cleaner. Throw in various flooring materials like hardwood, carpet, and tile, and it becomes clear that you need a canister vacuum that is versatile and easy to use. In this guide, I’m going to show you two of my favorite canister models: the Sebo 9679 and the Miele C2. Both are great, but as you know, we need a winner, so on to the Sebo vs Miele!

Sebo vs Miele: Comparing the Products

Miele C2 canister vacuum reviewThere’s something about a nice canister vacuum that is so very reliable. These vacuums are easy to push around a house, and they usually come with a sizeable hose that you can use to clean up high and on surfaces.

The Miele has a solid design that looks futuristic and the Sebo has a shaping that reminds me of the canister vacuums of yesteryear. When it comes to rugs, the Sebo is my favorite.

It has its unique Kombi nozzle, which really gets into the nap. On the other hand, I think the Miele wins for ergonomics; it’s designed for comfortable use, even if you’re vacuuming for hours.



Sebo 9679AM Airbelt K2 Kombi Canister Vacuum Review

Sebo canister vacuum_cleanerSebo is a German company, and you can tell it is engineered to be sturdy and long-lasting. The product is squat and powerful; its suction really gets into surfaces and cleans on a deep level.

Sebo also equipped the 9679 AM with a 20-foot cord, which you’ll find useful when you want to hit various rooms without unplugging.

This Sebo vacuum cleaner also will let you know when there’s a clog or when the bag’s full. This is very useful for those that don’t want any surprises.

When it’s time to transport this model of cleaner, it’ll be easy to move since it only weighs about 12 pounds.

I mentioned that the Miele was ergonomic, but this isn’t to say that the Sebo doesn’t have a good level of comfort during use.

The product has a very ergonomic handle that has a good level of grip. During use, the person vacuuming also has access to three on-board tools so that he or she can tackle various household surfaces.

When you’re done for the day, the cord fully retracts into the body of the 9679AM so that you can put it away without causing a trip hazard.

When it comes to performance, the suction mode on this cleaner has an airflow of 120 cubic feet per minute, which is pretty powerful compared to other modern vacuums.


  • At 12 pounds, this is a vacuum cleaner that isn’t very heavy.
  • The wire is very long so that you can clean multiple rooms.
  • The Sebo Airbelt K3 also has three tools that can help you tackle crevices and various surfaces.
  • This Sebo canister vacuum has a clog and full bag indicator.


  • None of the Sebo vacuum parts are particularly great for pet hair.
  • Many Sebo vacuum reviews state that it doesn’t do a great job cleaning large debris.
  • The thicker carpet is hard to clean.



Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Miele C2 canister vacuum reviewThere’s a lot to love with the Miele Complete C2. It’s the second version of the product, and there are several improvements when comparing the Miele C1 vs C2.

Not only does it pack in a powerful 1,200-watt motor, but it also has a six-stage rotary selector for vacuum fine-tuning.

I love the fact that it has such a svelte design that also packs in a carry handle that’s very ergonomic. The handle itself is also straightforward to grip and won’t slip while you’re vacuuming.

It also has a bag that has nearly a five-quart capacity for dust and debris. This is a tiny vacuum, which is why this is often called the Miele Compact C2.

The Miele also has an AirClean filter that works almost as well as a HEPA, and the suction does a great job of picking up pet hair and even large debris. Miele packed in two attachments, and for me, it was the soft-bristled attachment that was the star.

This attachment, which is the SBB 400-3 extra-large parquet tool, is designed for floors with harder textures and really helps the Miele C2 vacuum clean deep.


  • The Miele C2 is relatively lightweight.
  • There’s a powerful level of suction on this Miele vacuum C2.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry around.
  • It has a six-stage rotary selector and has integrated tool storage.


  • It doesn’t have full HEPA filtration.
  • Its suction power is known to diminish over time.
  • It’s incredible on floors but suffers on the high-pile carpet.


Comparison List: Similarities and Differences

Now that you’ve seen my baseline Sebo 9679AM and Miele Complete C2 review sections, we should take a look at how the features compare.


When it comes to raw power, it’s the Miele that comes out ahead thanks to its 1,200-watt motor. That being said, the motor on the Sebo definitely has enough power to satisfy most users looking to clean. On higher-pile carpet, both of these underperform, but the Miele has a slightly higher level of power. On the other hand, with its Kombi nozzle and three attachments, you’ll probably find that the Sebo is a bit more versatile than the Miele.

Ability to Manage Larger Debris

When it comes to larger particles, the Miele also wins out. Its motor is just more powerful, but this will mean that you’ll need to clean the filter more often. I liked the Sebo’s ability to reach deep in the carpet, but as larger particulates become common, you may prefer the Miele.


Both of these are super-portable; they both have handles and are relatively lightweight. The Sebo’s handle must be deployed, and the Miele’s grip is at its top. Overall, I like the Sebo’s 12-pound weight more for carrying it around the house. Also, the Sebo has a 20-foot cord that adds extra convenience.

Comparison Table for Easy Overview





Sebo Canister Vacuum

The Sebo only weighs 12 pounds.

Hard Floors

Miele C2 Vacuum

The SBB 400-3 makes hard floors a cinch.


Miele C2 Vacuum

The Miele has its own proprietary filter.



These are both very portable since they have easy-to-use handles.

Sebo vs Miele: Which Should You Choose?

So, are you still not sure which is best for you? Well, in the roundup, between the Sebo canister vacuum and the Miele C2 vacuum, the Miele does come ahead in some significant categories. For example, it handles pet hair much better and has a more powerful suction.

While both are great options, if you have hardwood floors or want some intense cleaning power, you really can’t go wrong with the Miele. Still, if you want a lightweight vac with tons of cabling, then don’t hesitate to select the Sebo.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the winner of this head-to-head, the Miele is the victor. It manages different types of surfaces with ease, and it’s the winner insofar as power. Its ability to filter particles is also great for folks with allergies. I’ve tested both thoroughly, and they are both amazing devices. Don’t be afraid to give either a try; they are both strong choices for cleaning the surfaces in your home.