Roomba 890 vs 980: Which Works Best for Your Home?


Finding the right robot vacuum can be difficult, especially if you have pet hair that you need to clean from your floors. After searching the market for Roomba 890 and 980 deals as well as other Roomba models, like the Roomba i7, I decided to write a roundup. In the Roomba 890 vs 980 battle, which one comes out on top? Let’s find out!

iRobot Roomba 890 or 980: Which is Better?

roomba 980I think that having a good robot vacuum in your home is a great way to keep your home clean without doing a lot of excess work.

It makes cleaning simple, and it can be done when you are away.

Both of these models are great options that are highly efficient, but I prefer the Roomba 980 because it can target pet hair and remove allergens from the air with the HEPA filtration system.

It also has a longer runtime, so you will be able to clean more before the unit needs to be recharged.



iRobot Roomba 890 Review

This is a vacuum that has a high level of performance that offers 5x the suction of previous models.

It has a three-stage cleaning system that is designed to loosen, lift, and suck the dirt from the floors, and this robot works great with getting up pet hair as well.

The brushes are rubber, and they are self-adjustingso that the device can travel from hardwood floors to carpet with ease.

It also has dirt detection sensors that will concentrate on a specific area of the floor when it needs more attention. Overall, the vacuum has a 90-minute run time.

According to iRobot Roomba 890 reviews, this is a product that works great with Alexa or Google Home, even though it is a relatively older model.

The Roomba 890 parts may be challenging to find if the product needs repairs, but refurbished Roomba 890 models can last for years.


  • The Roomba 890 manual is straightforward and easy to read.
  • The app is convenient to use.
  • The vacuum does a great job picking up pet hair.


  • This vacuum is relatively loud.
  • It can have difficulties finding the recharge station.



Roomba 980 Review

Roomba 980 robot vacuum reviewI love the Roomba 980 mapping that you can get from this vacuum, and the iAdapt 2.0 and VSlam technology will ensure that the vacuum learns where the furniture is located in your home.

It has the same three-stage cleaning system that pulls the pet hair from the carpet and the hardwood floors with ease.

iRobot Roomba 980 reviews state how well the HEPA filtration system cleans the air, which makes it ideal for individuals with allergies.

The iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity works well with both Alexa and Google Home.

You can set a cleaning schedule from anywhere, or you can ask the vacuum to clean using a voice command in your home.

This vacuum is capable of cleaning for a period of 120 minutes before it needs to be recharged.


  • The iRobot Roomba 980 manual is easy to understand for most.
  • The battery in the vacuum lasts quite a while before it needs a charge.
  • Changing the cleaning schedule from week to week is simple.


  • It is a bit on the expensive side.
  • The dustbin can be challenging to remove and put back in place.



Quick Comparison Table for Roomba 890 and 980


Roomba 890

Roomba 980





Battery Runtime

90 Minutes

120 Minutes

Navigation System

1.0 iAdapt

2.0 iAdapt

Filtration System

AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter

Hepa Filter

Dust Bin Capacity

0.6 Liters

0.6 Liters

Comparison of Features

When you purchase a robot vacuum cleaner, there are a few specifications that you may want your vacuum to have before you purchase it.

This can be a feature that makes it easier to schedule cleanings or something that will make the suction of the device more powerful. Let’s take a look at some of the features that you will want to consider.


The designs of these two models are very similar. They have the same dimension, so they can easily both clean under furniture with ease.

The finish is about the same, but the control panel for the 890 is a more centralized circle. The 980 has a d-shaped design that is located closer to the back of the vacuum.

Cleaning Performance

Both the 890 and the 980 are designed to work well on all types of floors. While both options have a three-stage cleaning system, the 890 has 5x the suction, and the 980 has 10x the suction power than older models.

The 980 has a carpet boost feature that provides optimal suction, but it increases the noise level and uses the battery more quickly.

The models both have dirt detection and effective brushes that are great for pet hair. In fact, the 980 can also effectively pick up cat litter that has been tracked onto a thin carpet with ease.

Smart features like scheduling cleanings and voice control are available on both models.


Since these are robot vacuums, navigation is imperative. The 890 has the iAdapt 1.0 that uses range sensors to avoid obstacles and move around the room.

The 980 uses iAdapt 2.0, which has the same sensors and a real-time camera that can be used as well. Both have virtual walls that will allow you to create a barrier where the vacuum can go, but the 980 actually has two that can be set in different locations.

Battery Runtime

The battery runtime of the vacuums will determine how much time your vacuum can run before it needs to be recharged. The 890 has a runtime that is about 90 minutes, but the 980 can go for 120 minutes without a charge. This additional 30 minutes means that you may be able to clean a larger space on the same charge.

Roomba 890 vs 980: Which Should You Purchase?

The Roomba model that fits your cleaning needs is the one that you should select. The Roomba 980 has more power, it has carpet boost, and it has iAdapt 2.0 navigation.

It also has a longer battery life to accommodate a larger home, but these additional features increase the price. If you don’t need all of these high-end features, the 890 is still a great option.

It still has a good amount of power, and it costs much less to purchase.

Final Thoughts

In the Roomba 890 vs 980 battle, the Roomba 980 is clearly the better vacuum of the two. It is the newer model of the two, so it has more advanced features that will improve its suction, navigation, and filtration.

It is easy to control via the app, and you can use your voice to give the Roomba commands using Alexa or Google Home.

If you don’t want all of this advanced technology in a vacuum cleaner, then the Roomba 890 is still an excellent vacuum that you should consider.

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