Roomba 690 vs 890: Which One is Best Robot Vacuum for a Clean Home?


I’ll be honest: cleaning can become very tiring, which is why I love a nice Roomba. It’s a device that’s programmed to virtually auto-clean your living spaces.

Currently, there are multiple versions of the Roomba since the company has been producing them since 2002, and in the intervening years, the technology has become very impressive.

In fact, modern Roombas are definitely leaps and bounds beyond those first models, which is why it can be confusing to find one that fits your needs.

In this guide, I’m going to compare two of the modern models of the cleaner, the Roomba 690 vs 890, so that you can have an idea about how they stack up.

The 690 vs the 890: Which is Better?

roomba-690-vs-890-which-is-betterWhen you’re comparing these two products, simply based on stats, I would say that the Roomba 890 is the clear winner.

This is due to more suction power, a lower form factor, longer runtimes, and a far better navigation system.

Still, the 690 definitely puts up a great fight, which we’ll cover in our comparison.

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The Roomba 690 vs 890: The In-Depth Review and Comparison

The Roomba 690 Review


With this Roomba carpet cleaner, you get some reasonably high-tech features including smart home integration.

With this model, you’ll be able to use both Alexa and Google Home to control the scheduling functions of the robot.

In addition to carpets, this is also a model that’s considered a Roomba for hard floors as well, so you’ll get the right amount of coverage when you’re cleaning your home.

When it comes to design, the Roomba 690 is definitely a product that is made to clean efficiently.

It has a 3.7-inch height, which is plenty low enough to fit under couches, small tables, and even under some spaces like in-wall heaters.

As a result, with its randomized cleaning system, you’ll come home to find your areas cleaned thoroughly, even in areas that you would typically skip.


  • The product has Roomba’s AeroForce cleaning system, which not only provides a good level of suction, but it also has top-tier filtration.
  • This is a perfect Roomba model for managing pet hair and larger particles.
  • It can also schedule up to seven cleaning events in a single week. This means that you can set the product to clean daily while you’re at work.
  • You can simply say things like, “Hey Google…” or “Alexa…” to start an unscheduled cleaning procedure.
  • If there is a particularly hard to clean section, the Roomba 690 will send you an alert.


  • The 690 only has an airflow of seven CFM, which is a bit underpowered, especially compared to the 890.
  • The dustbin has no sensors that will alert you when it’s full.
  • It doesn’t take long for the dustbin to get full.
  • Sometimes, the exhaust on the Roomba 690 will blow debris everywhere.

The Roomba 890 Review


To be honest, I love the Roomba 890, but it’s absolutely critical that you understand that the 890 is a bit more prohibitive because it’s significantly more expensive than the 690.

That being said, it has all of the smart functionality and then some, and I really like the way that it determines the best path for cleaning.

Also, the tendency for the 690 to blow around dust is completely missing with this model, and it’s relatively efficient.

This Roomba 890 model is definitely designed to work efficiently.

First, it’s only 3.6 inches in height, so it has a slight advantage over the 690 when it comes to squeezing under surfaces.

Also, it’s collision detection is top-notch; you’ll have no issues with the 890 getting lost under tables or in tighter rooms.

Its navigation system is also a bit more sophisticated than the 690, so the device will need fewer passes than that Roomba for hard floors and carpets might need.


  • Since this product is only 3.6 inches tall, it’s straightforward for it to fit under furniture and clean there. Roomba 890 slightly smaller than the 690, which can make a difference.
  • The cliff detection on this is very functional; it’s designed to recognize stairs at a safe distance so that it won’t tumble.
  • It’s also smart home compatible, but with this variation, you can even get alerts that tell you when the bin is full.
  • This product has double the suction power of the 690, so there’ll be far less dust leftover. While the 690 will probably take multiple passes, this just cleans faster.
  • With the high degree of suction, this is a great Roomba carpet cleaner that’ll get deep into the nap of the carpet.
  • The brush that spins at the front is designed to get the dirt off of walls and clean deep into crevices.


  • When comparing prices, this is one of the more expensive iRobot products. In fact, one of the only products that are more expensive are Roomba 980 and 960.
  • This carpet cleaner machine only comes with one virtual wall barrier.
  • It can sometimes be tough to empty the bin, despite the fact that it has a one-button release.


Roomba 690 vs 890 – A Quick and Easy Comparison Table

Product Name

Roomba 690

Roomba 890





Smart Home Compatibility



Cleaning Style


Intelligent Navigation


3.7 inches

3.6 inches


8.4 pounds

7.8 pounds

Full Bin Alert




An Hour

Two Hours


5x Power

10x Power

The Roomba 690 versus the 890: Which Should You Buy?

There are a lot of considerations to make when you’re comparing the two products. Firstly, what’s your budget?

There’s a fairly big difference in the costs of the products, so if you want to save a bit of money and just want smart features and Alexa and Google compatibility, then the Roomba 690 may be your best bet.

Conversely, do you need a lot of power for a multitude of surfaces? If so, then the 10x suction power on the 890 certainly edges out its austere competition.

Also, you’ll find that the 890 is just better at navigating spaces, and it also has a slightly shorter form factor that’ll allow it to squeeze under couches and low areas.

Additionally, the 890 has about double the battery power, so for larger homes, the 890 will be able to do a more complete job without the need to return to the charger to get some juice.

Here’s a breakdown:

You Should Buy the Roomba 690 if You…

1) Are looking for value – The Roomba 690 is a greatly based vacuum cleaner that is controllable by your phone or smart speaker.

2) Have a smaller space – With a one-hour limitation on cleaning, this product is great for smaller apartments or homes. Just about that won’t require more than one hour’s worth of cleaning is perfect for this iRobot product.

3) Need to pick up finer particles – With the bristle brush bars, the 690 is pretty good at picking up smaller debris from a carpet or hardwood floor.

4) Like the AeroVac tech – AeroVac is part of iRobot’s proprietary tech that brought the series to the forefront, and it’s very efficient and cleans well using three stages to clean.


You Should Buy the Roomba 890 if You…

1) Don’t mind spending a little extra – The Roomba 890 definitely has great features, but they cost a little more.

2) Need better filtration – Filtration is the name of the game if you have pet hair. The 890 has HEPA filtration, which is great for not only removing allergens from a carpet but from the air as well.

3) Need better reminders – The full bin indicator is just a nice feature that’ll remind you to clean out your 890.

4) Want a more comprehensive clean – The 890 has memory-mapping, which will remember the shaping of your living space. As a result, this is just a far more efficient machine.


Final Thoughts

As I mentioned before, the Roomba 890, in a comparison against the other Roomba model, certainly pulls ahead of the competition.

This is obvious when it comes to included features, especially when you’re taking the memory-mapping into account.

That being said, these are both excellent products that really illustrate how much iRobot understands its consumer’s needs.

Each of these devices definitely provides you with some Wi-Fi-enabled conveniences, but the 890 has a better alert system that’ll even tell you when the bin is full.

Overall, if you need a product that can power through your home with ease and has a longer battery life, then go with the Roomba 890.

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