iLife vs Roomba: Review & Comparison (Which One is Best)

iLife vs Roomba

iLife and Roomba are the two most notable robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturers. This particular article evaluates the brands in the iLife vs Roomba fashion. We will compare two of their standard vacuums, the iLife a4s and Roomba 650, emphasizing their critical strengths and weaknesses. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

iLife vs Roomba: Crunching Raw Data

I won’t deny that I’m a big Roomba fan, so, I’ll immediately say that Roomba 650 is the better option. But, my proposition isn’t biased; I have some evidence to support my claim. Roomba 650 is a more efficient and more sophisticated vacuum cleaner (than the iLife a4s robot vacuum cleaner).

It has better navigation and Virtual Wall mode but costs more than the A4s. On the other hand. A4s offers better battery efficiency and can be controlled with the remote controller. It has slightly more efficient side brushes but performs worse on carpets and large surfaces (due to its smaller dimensions).


Roomba 650 Review

Roomba 650 is iRobot’s first model, one that acts as a foundation for future Roombas. It is the most inexpensive Roomba, but it offers the same cleaning performance (when compared with more advanced Roombas).

650 features iAdapt Navigation System, which allows it to navigate around and beneath the objects. It features autonomous recharging, Three-Stage cleaning, Dirt Detect technology (via acoustic and visual sensors), and other features.




  • Inexpensive.
  • Efficient carpet cleaner.
  • Easy to use.
  • Scheduling and self-charging.
  • Excellent navigation system.


  • Mediocre performance on hardwood and tiles.
  • Dustbin design is somewhat clunky.

Bottom Line:

Roomba 650 maybe be more expensive, but it is also more sophisticated than the iLife A4s. It features an excellent navigation system and Three-Stage Cleaning system. Consider buying Roomba 650 if your space has a lot of carpets; that is where 650 beats A4s.

iLife A4s Robot Review

iLife A4s is less expensive than the Roomba 650, excellent for people who seek affordable robotic vacuum cleaner. It features extra durable battery (up to 140 min, compared to 650’s 60 min), and comes with a remote controller.

The remote controller offers more convenience, allowing you to schedule and maintain the A4s vacuuming cycles. It is smaller than 650, being only 3 inches tall (650 is 3.6), allowing it to clean under furniture more liberally. Due to its smaller size, A4s is perfect for cleaning smaller and cramped spaces.




  • Very inexpensive.
  • Extra long battery life.
  • Compact, easy to maintain.
  • Controllable and programmable via the remote controller.


  • Mediocre performance on carpets.
  • Lacks virtual barriers.

Bottom Line:

iLife A4s is an affordable and compact robotic vacuum cleaner, with excellent battery efficiency and hardwood cleaning performance. It isn’t ideal for carpet cleaning, but perfect for homes with tiles and hardwood floors. A4s are also controllable via the remote controller, allowing you to program it and schedule the cleaning conveniently.

iLife vs Roomba: Similarities And Differences

Even though different manufacturers make these robots, they have some similarities. In this section, we will discuss those similarities (together with significant differences).

On Design

A4s is 12.2 x 12.2 x 3 inches in dimensions and weighs roughly 5 pounds. On the other hand, 650 weighs almost 12 pounds and is 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches big. What does this tell us?

Well, iLife A4s is lighter and smaller, which is almost always a good thing. Since it is lighter than Roomba 650, it uses less energy to navigate through space. Consequently, A4s functions up to 140 minutes.

Also, its compact size allows it to move around and beneath the objects and obstacles in your home more efficiently. The most significant advantage for A4s is its height (3 inches), allowing it to clean beneath low-profile furniture.

However, 650 covers more space, since it is an inch larger (regarding width and length). Then again, it will run out of battery more rapidly.

And when it comes to functional design, both products feature on/off button and security bumpers. 650 also has a built-in handle for more convenient transporting, and a dustbin release bar.

On Cleaning Performances

Cleaning performance is by far the most important thing to look for in any vacuum cleaner, robotic or manual. A4s and 650 feature cleaning system which consists of these components:

  1. Two Wheels
  2. Side Brushes (Roomba has one, A4s two)
  3. Charging pins
  4. Brushroll
  5. Dustbin release

Both robots feature a Three-Stage cleaning system (though they name it differently), which includes sweeping, rolling and suctioning. iLife A4s has slightly more cleaning modes (such as Mini-Room mode, Auto mode, Spot mode, etc.), but Roomba has a few styles too.

Roomba 650 features something called Dirt Detect technology, allowing it to detect dirt and fine dust more efficiently.

Also, it comes with one Virtual Wall, which you can use to limit its cleaning to only one room (so it doesn’t wander off and cleans neighbors home!). Jokes aside, the feature can be advantageous.

Both products come with charging docks, HEPA filters, cleaning kit, and replaceable parts. Roomba 650 also comes with one Virtual Wall barrier.

When it comes to surface cleaning, A4s performs excellently on hard floors and tiles. But when it comes to carpets, Roomba 650 is a much better option.

Ease Of Use and Maintenence

Both vacuums are relatively easy to set up and use. A4s comes with the remote controller, with which you can program it according to your preferences.

To program Roomba 650, you’ll have to press its buttons (such as Time button and Schedule button).

You can use, the user manual to make sure you do the programming accordingly, though the process is straightforward even for technophobes.

When it comes to part replacements, Roomba 650 requires less maintenance (due to high-quality parts). However, you will have to change its filter more frequently, preferably every two months (every six months with A4s).

iLife Vs Roomba: Easy and Quick Comparison Table


Ilife A4s

Roomba 650






12.2 x 12.2 x 3

13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6

Battery Life (minutes)



Virtual Walls



HEPA Filters



Dirt Detect Technology



Self Charging



Remote Controller



iLife or Roomba: Which Vacuum Should You Go For?

It depends. If you seek affordability and convenience, go with the A4S. Also, if you don’t have that many carpets in your home, go with the A4S.

However, while Roomba 650 is more expensive than A4S, it is an overall better robotic vacuum cleaner.

It performs excellently on carpets, it features Dirt Detect technology and iAdapt Navigation System, allowing it to navigate around the obstacles more efficiently.

Designs are similar, as are maintenance and usability. But, if you seek better cleaning performance and more advanced features, you should go with the Roomba 650.

Comparison Table for iLife and Roomba 650

[su_note note_color=”#E5E5E5″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]




Cleaning Performance


Generally, Roomba vacuums are more efficient cleaners, especially when it comes to carpet cleaning and pet hair vacuuming. More advanced Roombas also feature AeroForce technology, which significantly boosts cleaning performance.



iAdapt and iAdapt 2.0 navigation system are superior to iLife's system. iLife vacuums earn slowly and require more adaptation time when they are put in new environments.



IMO, both products are easy to use. Advanced Roombas feature iRobot home app, while iLife offers a controller with which you can program the cleaner.

Noise Levels


Though we didn't talk about this, it is worth mentioning that iLife cleaners are often quieter than Roombas.



Roombas are often more advanced and offer better cleaning performance, while iLife cleaners are much more affordable, ideal for those who seek efficient and straightforward robotic vacuums.

Battery Life


Generally, iLife vacuums have superior battery life.



No matter what product you choose iLife a4s or Roomba 650, you’ll enjoy it, undoubtedly. The fact that you can program these robots to do your bidding is impressive in and of itself. Going to work? Just schedule the vacuum cleaner to clean your home while you are at work.

It will clean, recharge, and be ready to do the same thing tomorrow. You come home from work, and your floors are lovely and clean, free of dust and allergies (thanks to the HEPA filters these vacuums feature).

Just make sure you maintain these vacuums according to the instructions to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

If you do that, you’ll enjoy the benefits of robotic cleaners for an extended period. Your new problem will be figuring out what you want to do with your free time, which is a delightful problem, don’t you think?

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