How to Preserve and Clean Your Wedding Dress in 30 Minutes

Have you ever been thinking of how your wedding day is going to be like, or what to wear on that your glamorous day? You might even have been longing for your D-day gorgeously dressed in a perfect wedding gown like a princess since childhood.

Hence you didn’t find it hard to paying thousands of cash for that your choice of wedding gown.

Wouldn’t you therefore want to keep your favourite dress looking amazing years after your wedding?

To this reason, knowing how to preserve and clean your wedding dress is definitely important.

Your wedding day having come and gone, it’s high time you preserved and cleaned your wedding dress. Of course, the right time to begin thinking about this is the day after your wedding.

Why? Simply because that your gown is the most important dress you will ever wear in your lifetime!

Yes. The fact is- there are four known ways to make clean your wedding dress.

Now depending on the fabrics and accessories of your gown, you will need to pick the proper method of washing the dress.


Hand Wash:

Hand wash clothesHand washing by self is a good choice to save money. But as a preservative measure, check if your wedding dress can be hand washed without damage before washing the fabric.

Some fabrics like linen, organza, stretch jersey knit, velvet, etc can only be washed gently with care to prevent deformation.

Don’t forget to detach any embellishment that cannot be hand washed before cleaning.

After cleaning, avoid twisting or squeezing it so as not to rumple the shape of your dress.

Just spread it flatly and leave to natural dryness, avoiding the strong sunshine for its lustre not to change.


Dry Clean:

Dry Clean clothesWedding gowns are mostly washed using this way. Some gowns made by fabrics like brocade, carmeuse, crepe, georgette, lame, etc even come with tags like “Dry Clean Only”.

In cases like this, the safest is taking them out for dry cleaning. To avoid nags or colour mix by the sharp beads, ensure your dress is singly cleaned.

If however, it does not carry the said tag, check for any embellishments unsuitable for its dry cleaning.


Spot Treatment:

Obviously, there are several decorations like appliqué, beads, bow, embroideries, feather, glitters, jewels, laces, rhinestones, etc on your wedding dress, so spot treatment is the best way to wash the ornaments on it.

Most of them apart from embroideries, glitters, and appliqué (which must be spot treated) should be spot cleaned.


Machine Wash:

It is important to note that machine washing is never recommended for any wedding dress.

If used, the embellishments on the dress might scratch its fabric, and the colour may fade due to the high-speed rotation of the cylinder in the machine.

However, if you insist on using it, it is important to ensure that all the steps are controlled.

Never dry the dress using the machine, instead dry it the same way with the hand wash.

After using any of these methods to wash and dry your wedding gown, with either of the desired not taking up to 30 minutes, fold it with tissue paper and preserve in a sealed acid-free and museum-quality box without forgetting to remove the pads or tulle that might dissolve with time and destroy your gown.

With these tips taken into account, you will definitely find the most suitable way to preserve and clean your wedding dress.

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