How to get Dog Hair Out Of Car: 10 Methods and 3 Prevention Techniques

How to get Dog Hair Out of_Car

Let’s all agree that dogs are adorable creatures, right?  Their level of loyalty is unbelievable. They are always excited to see you, and you can always count on your furry bud to lift your spirits after a long, stressful day.

If we agree up to this point, ask yourself; when was the last time you took your dog on a car ride and what was the state of the car’s interior after the trip? Yap. We can guess.

If your dog is as half as playful and energetic as mine, then the interior must have been left with many traces of your dog’s presence.

The major problem I had with my dog was the large amount of hair he shed in the car. And since I couldn’t get a reliable source that could teach me how to get dog hair out of my car, I created my post.

This comprehensive post will teach you the different methods of removing dog hair from your vehicle. It also outlines all the tools and materials you’ll need for this job.Sit back and enjoy!

What will you need to follow this tutorial?

In this section we will cover all the tools and materials you’ll need to get rid of all traces of dog hair from your vehicle. But, there are so many tools and materials you can use for this job that we can’t feature them all in this guide.

Let’s start with the tools and materials that will be used for the recommended method then make a follow-up list of tools and materials that can be used in alternative methods. We will also feature a list of the tools and materials you will need to prevent or minimize the amount dog hair in your car.

Tools & Materials Needed

Main (Recommended) Method

  • Vacuum Cleaner with a small bristle attachment

Alternative Procedures

  • Squeegee
  • Wire Brush
  • Dry Paper Towels or Tissue
  • Duct Tape
  • Velcro Curlers
  • Water
  • Fabric Softener
  • Bucket
  • Spray Bottle
  • A Pair of Rubber Gloves or a Pumice Stone
  • Balloon


  • Pet Brush
  • Pet towel or blanket
  • Pet crate or travel carrier

Methods and Step by Step Instructions

In this section, we will feature eight methods with step by step instructions for removing dog hair out of your vehicle. We will also list prevention techniques. Let’s start with our preferred method:

Method 1: Using a Vacuum Cleaner (Recommended Cleaning Method)

Using Vacuum cleaner for removing dog hair from carImage Source:

This is the easiest, fastest, and the most effective hair removal method, and I, therefore, recommend it to everyone out there.

Step 1: Do a quick vacuum of the vehicle’s interior to collect all the loose, visible hairs.

Step 2: Next, install a bristled vacuum attachment for a more thorough clean. The small bristles will help dislodge any stubborn strands of hair that are stuck on the vehicle’s seats and carpet.

Pro Tips

  • Handheld vacuums are ideal for this job for their compactness and maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Vacuums suck up all hair follicles into their containment boxes for easy disposal.

Method 2: Using Water and Rubber Gloves or a Pumice Stone

This is one of the most common methods of removing dog hair from a car’s upholstery. You can use a pair of dry gloves or a pumice stone to remove the dog hair. However, these two items have proven to be more efficient when dipped in a soapy concentrate of water.

Step 1: Get a bucket ready.

Step 2: Add some detergent or fabric softener to the bucket.

Step 3: Add some water to the bucket and mix the solution.

Step 4: Transfer some water to a spray bottle container and wet the area you are about to clean.

Image Source:

Step 5: Wear your pair of rubber gloves or take your pumice stone and start brushing the vehicle’s upholstery in a single direction for best results.

Step 6:  Dip the glove or pumice stone into the bucket of water to get rid of the hair on them.

Pro Tips

  • Spritz one cleaning surface at a time so that the water doesn’t dry up.
  • The purpose of water is to add weight to the hair follicles and make them clump.
  • The purpose of soap or fabric softer is to disrupt the static bond between the hair follicles and vehicle upholstery.
  • Latex gloves or nitrile gloves can be used as substitutes for rubber gloves while a sponge or washcloth can be used instead of a pumice stone.

Method 3: Using a Spray Water Can and a Squeegee

Image Source:

Did you ever think that you could use your squeegee to remove dog hair from your vehicle’s upholstery? If yes, you’re smarty pants, but if not, this multi-purpose tool is handier than you ever thought.

Step 1: Fill the spray can with water (preferably soapy water or fabric softener).

Step 2: Spray the seat or carpet but don’t overdo it.

Step 3: Rub the squeegee against the carpet or seats to remove the fur.

Step 4: Brush the hair off the squeegee after every wipe or two to ensure you’re not reattaching the follicles on the upholstery.

Pro Tip

  • The key to using a squeegee effectively in this task is to move it in a single direction against the vehicle’s upholstery and letting its rubber blade catch the hair follicles.

Method 4: Using the Power of Compressed Air

While vacuums provide the power of sucking, air compressors provide the power of blowing to get rid of dog hair from your car. Air compressors are easy to use:

Step 1: Point and aim the air compressor on the regions with dog fur.

Step 2: Press the trigger and blow away all the fur. The compressed air should be strong enough to remove even the most stubborn hair follicles.

Pro Tips

  • Supplement the blowing power of air compressors with a brush to deep clean your car’s upholstery.
  • You don’t want the fur to be blown everywhere so ensure you aim and direct it towards a single point. This will make it easier for you to collect the fur after the clean.

Method 5: Using Duct Tape

The duct tape method is an unconventional method of getting rid of dog hair in your car, but it works like a charm. In fact, the results are much better than some methods we have already featured.

Step 1: Wrap the tape around your hand. The hard part is ensuring that the sticky side is facing outward as that’s the side that will be used to collect dog hair.

Step 2: Next, gently tap the seat or carpet you wish to remove dog hair and watch the duct tape collect all the hair.

Pro Tips  

  • Packing tape is just as efficient as duct tape in this job.
  • Don’t use either tape on leather or leatherette upholstery as they will leave tape residue behind.

Method 6: Using a Lint or Bristle Brush


Using lint and bristle brushes are some of the most natural ways of getting rid of pet hair from a vehicle’s interior. The only difference is that while a lint brush is much gentler on a vehicle’s upholstery, a bristle brush is more effective at dislodging stubborn hair follicles.

Step 1: Roll the brush across the surface with dog hair.

Step 2: Next, remove the hair from the brush and dispose of.

Method 7: Using Paper Towels or Tissue

Image Source:

If you’re one of those people that have dry paper towels in their vehicle but rarely uses them, that’s about to change. This method is excellent for removing dog hair off plastic, rubber, and leather surfaces but not so effective on fabric seats and floor carpets.

All in all, this is a great cleaning method that can be used on the go. You can use it if you’re stuck in traffic and you’re running late to work after dropping your kids and dog to a friend’s birthday party.

Step 1: Gloss the paper towels across the desired cleaning surface. The hair will stick to the towels.

Step 2: Wrap the towel for disposal.

Pro Tips

  • Can be used to clean across an interior surface of the vehicle, whether it’s the interior door panels, seats, dashboard, floor carpet, and more.
  • Use dry paper towels especially on fabric surfaces to avoid leaving paper residue behind. You can wet the paper towels across hard surfaces such as the dashboard.

Method 8: Using a Rubber Brush

Image Source:

Using a rubber brush is one of the easiest and most effective methods of removing dog hair from your car seats and upholstery.

Step 1: Take the rubber brush and rub the carpet or car seat with the dog hair. The rubber bristles will dislodge the deep-rooted hair while being gentle on the upholstery.

Step 2: Round up the hair in one region, collect it and dispose of.

Pro Tips

  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the hair after you’ve loosened it with the rubber brush.
  • Rinse the rubber brush in water to remove the hair stuck on it.

Method 9: Using Velcro Curlers

Image Source:

As displayed in the picture above, Velcro curlers are the tools used by women to curl their hair. These curlers are designed to trap hair as you roll them and the same principles apply to this job.

The only differences are that instead of rolling them on someone’s head, you’re rolling them on upholstery and instead of curling human hair, you’re collecting dog hair. You can take advantage of the tiny nature of these curlers to reach tight spaces.

Pro Tips

  • Velcro curlers can be tough on upholstery so use them cautiously so as not to tear up the seats.

Method 10: Using a Balloon

Image Source:

This is yet another unconventional method of getting this job done. The science behind this method is that it uses static electricity to collect dog hair. All in all, this method is not full proof, but it is an excellent method for removing the larger and more visible hair follicles.

The weak static charges struggle when it comes to removing the deep-rooted hair follicles in vehicle upholstery and dog hair from the tight spaces in the carpet flooring.

Step 1: Blow the balloon and clamp so that no air escapes

Step 2: Rub the balloon across the desired clean area. This will create static electricity on the balloon’s surface, which will then attract the dog hair and make it stick on the balloon’s surface.

Step 3: Clean the hair off the balloon’s surface and repeat until you’re satisfied.

Prevention Techniques

If you don’t want to keep going through the tedious process of cleaning dog hair from your vehicle every time you give your dog a ride, you can use the following techniques:

Tip 1: Grooming your Dog

Image Source:

To groom your dog before letting him or her step into your car, all you need is a pet brush. You don’t have to go full blown by shaving your dog’s hair every time you plan on giving him or her a ride. Remember, the key is to remove loose hair out of your dog. That’s why brushing your dog’s hair will do the trick.

Grooming is not only an effective method of eliminating dog hair from your car, but it is also free. The only problem is that it isn’t easy to use the method in the real world all the time. You may not have the time to groom a dog when you’re running late.

Tip 2: Spreading a Pet Cover in your Car

Image Source:

Pet cover are must-have accessories for pet owners. These pet blankets cover every square inch of your vehicle’s interior thereby protecting it from your dog’s dirt, mud, and fur. After the trip, you remove, clean and store them for the next use.

Tip 3: Using a Pet Crate or Travel Carrier

Image Source

A pet crate or travel carrier is merely a car seat for dogs. It works just like a baby car seat, but you put your dog in the crate and then secure him/her with a safety belt or a latch system. Despite its safety benefits, it is comfortable for dogs especially during long commutes and minimizes the hair droppings in your car.


I’m now wrapping up this guide, but before I do, I  have to ask; did you enjoy it? Did you found it engaging and interactive? If so, I can’t be happier, and I urge you to share it, but if otherwise, I’ll work on our next projects to make them more enjoyable for you.

My motivation behind creating this guide is to empower people in my position. You see, Mac (my dog who is in twilight years) fell sick a while back. I suffered many days of cleaning dog hair off my car after trips to the vet and back. I want to make sure people don’t suffer the same as I did.

To conclude, I value your feedback, so if you have any question or comments feel free to leave them here below.

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