How To Clean Leather Furniture Naturally In 7 Easy Steps

Want to restore the beauty of the old sofa you inherited from your Grandma?

Are you tired of using those toxic laden and high priced over-the-counter leather cleaner?

We have just the perfect and easy way on how to naturally clean leather furniture in just 7 easy steps!


Care for Leather Furniture

As we age, so does our leather furniture. But do they look beautiful and age gracefully like us?

A lot of folks think that taking care of leather furniture is a tiring and arduous process, especially when it faces so many hazards such as spills, pets,  children, and a variety of other threats in the home.

But learning how to take care of your furniture is in fact much easier than cleaning conventional upholstery.


Here are some basic and natural ways of maintaining them:


Use A Clean Dry Cloth

The most basic and common routine we use to clean our leather furniture is by wiping them down with a dry cloth.

But to get a lasting relationship with your furniture, it’s important to do this as often as possible.

Not only will it maintain its good looks, it will also remove unwanted dust and blemishes.


Clean Spills Fast

Anything wet that touches leather furniture should be wiped dry as soon as possible, as this will leave lasting stains and discolorations.

The use of dry sponge is good but using a wet one should be an option only if it is absolutely necessary.

Use as little water as you can and always wipe it dry afterwards.


Say “No”To Commercially Available Cleaning Material

If possible avoid these caustic mainstream substances. Instead, there are plenty of everyday materials in your kitchen that can do the job just as well.

An equal mixture of water and vinegar can do the trick, and doesn’t contain any carcinogens or chemical condensate.

As with the last step however, just remember to wipe it dry afterwards.


Avoid Using Cleaning Products Not Designed For Leather

Cleaning white sofa
Cleaning white sofa

Admit it, in the past you’ve tried to use soap, bleach, or one of those all-purpose cleaning sprays to clean your much loved furniture.

But those are a huge no-no!!!

Do not attempt to use of any cleaning agents that aren’t specifically designed for leather as they will ruin your prized furniture.


Keep It In The Shade, Always

Direct exposure to sunlight can cause your leather to dry out, brittle, and fade in color remarkably fast.

Placing them near large window panes can actually have a natural-bleaching effect, so be sure to find a place out of direct sunlight.


Homemade Leather Conditioners

Because leather is organically based, it sometimes needs some extra care.

Using these all natural and readily available conditioners can help keep the consistency and color of your furniture – essential oils, vinegar, beeswax, and even some fruit based mild soaps can do wonders for your sofas!

And many have amazing aromas that can help bring out the natural scents of the leather and enhance their appeal!


Cover With Cloth During Vacations

During long periods of absence when you’re on vacation it is necessary to cover your furniture with a heavy cloth, such as spare bedsheets.

Dust and other particulates can do minuscule damage, and this can add up over the years.

Regardless of the style and form, leather furniture requires regular maintenance to look its best.

This type of upholstery is prized for its quality and durability, and it can be a sophisticated addition to any room.

However without proper care, the leather may become dingy, lose its supple feel and glossy appearance, and generally degrade.

Rather than ignoring the problem, homeowners should keep in mind that a few small measures can make all the difference. Hope this helps!

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  1. I agree that the leather should be maintained as often as possible, in order to keep it well looking and like new one. It is important also what type of cleaner you are using, which also contributes the leather to last longer. Greetings

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