How to Clean Computer Monitor Screen: Don’t Make these Mistake

Learn the Best Way to Clean Computer Screen!

You spend so much time in front of your computer screen; I think it deserves your attention and proper cleaning. Here’s how you can properly clean up your computer screen the quick and easy way.


“A Few Don’ts”

Before we get into what you should do to clean your computer screen, take note of the following don’ts:

  • Don’t apply cleaning fluid directly to the screen. While this was OK for the old CRT screens which basically had strong glass as its screens, spraying fluids on modern LCD/LED screens can damage your display.
  • Don’t use a cleaning fluid that contains alcohol or ammonia. Since most screens are not too chemically resistant, it’s best to avoid alcohol or ammonia content for cleaning the screen.
  • Don’t use general purpose cleaning rags or paper towels. These are not suitable for delicate surfaces such as your computer screen. To avoid scratching your display, avoid abrasive rags.

What to Use to Clean Computer Screen

Get a Microfiber Cloth

You already know you should stay off generic rags or towels. The best item to clean your screen with is a microfiber cloth. It costs only a few dollars so make this Step 1 of your computer screen cleaning process.


Buy or Create a Cleaning Solution

You can either buy a cleaning solution (perhaps when you’re getting the microfiber cloth), or make a solution at home.

If you’re buying:

  • Read reviews of different products before buying,
  • Consider a full cleaning kit (no separate microfiber cloth). Again, read reviews.


If you’re making at home:

  • Use distilled water instead of tap water (it contains minerals that can damage your screen).
  • Add white vinegar to the water. Use 50/50 mix; increase the vinegar ratio if you feel it isn’t strong enough.


Safety First – Unplug the Display

You don’t want to get electrocuted. I recommend that you unplug your monitor, but you should at least turn it off. Wait until the screen is cool before your start cleaning.


Dust the Screen

Use the microfiber cloth to sweep the screen. This will get rid of any dust or loose particles on the surface. Don’t put too much pressure; swipe gently or you may damage the screen. Go in circular motions, it will help you clean some tough spots. Avoid the temptation to “scrub” the screen – it’s not the floor!


Clean the Frame

Yes, I know it’s technically not your “screen” but it’s an important part of your display. Apply a gentle cleaning solution on the cloth and clean the frame.


Clean Your Computer Screen (Finally!)

Apply just a little solution to the cloth. To keep the cloth from getting too wet, apply the solution to one corner of the cloth at a time. Now wipe the screen in circular motions, applying a gentle and even pressure. Remember, pressing too hard can damage your screen. You may have to apply some more solution to the cloth before the job is done. Keep checking the screen surface and whether the cloth has dried down.

So there you go. Your computer screen is all clean and shiny – ready to brilliantly display movies, TV shows, or yeah work documents too!

Now that you know how to clean up your computer screen, clean it regularly!

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