Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum: Hardwood Floors Made Easy



I am a big fan of a more complete clean, so when I’m working around the house, I like to hit all the surfaces that many people might ignore. If you’re like me, you really can’t go wrong with a good wand vacuum, and the Dyson V6 Fluffy cordless vacuum is a wand vacuum that works well for hitting those hard-to-reach areas.

I didn’t come across the Dyson V6 Fluffy by accident – my previous wand vacuum had good reach, but it really wasn’t designed for hard floors. The V6 Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, has a soft roller cleaning head that’s perfect for hard floors.

Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Overview

Dyson-V6-Fluffy-cordless-vacuum-reviewThe Dyson V6 Fluffy price is also very reasonable for those looking for an inexpensive option, and it has a good amount of vacuum power, especially considering it’s a cordless model.

Inside, you’ll also love the stiff nylon bristles, which virtually grab pet hair and shuffles it into the canister faster than you can see.

This is particularly useful for people with long-hair cats and dogs – you just won’t have to worry dander and fluff on all of your surfaces with this product in play.

I also loved how natural the device felt. It has a balanced feel that makes extended cleaning on high surfaces comfortable and ergonomic, especially in comparison to other Dyson stick vacuum cleaner models.


  • The nylon bristles pull up a lot of material.
  • It has good overall battery life.
  • It has surprising suction for a cordless model.
  • It converts to a handheld very easily.
  • The cyclone vacuum system doesn’t just push dirt and dust around.


  • The vacuum could have been made of sturdier materials.
  • The battery only provides about 20 minutes of operation per three-hour charge.
  • The filter can be jarred loose pretty easily.


Who Should Use This Product?

While initially performing my Dyson V6 Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner review, I was amazed at how well it handled hardwood floors.

This is a good choice that won’t just push around debris, but if you’re looking for something with HEPA filtration chops, this may not be the Dyson vacuum cleaner for you.

Do you have multiple flooring (and ceiling) surfaces that you need to be cleaned? Then, the Dyson V6 Fluffy will definitely provide you with the versatility you need to clean most surfaces in your home.

What You Should Know

Some of the critical features of the Dyson V6 Fluffy vacuum include:

  • This is the same V6 motor that is some of Dyson’s more powerful vacuum products.
  • This is a vacuum that converts down to a handheld unit.
  • For tougher jobs, the max power mode grants powerful suction for six minutes.
  • It comes with a bracket that you install to store the device on a wall.
  • It’s designed to be very ergonomic and has the right balance.
  • The multiple heads allow you to clean both hardwood and carpet surfaces.
  • The canister lid is very easy to open and empty the unit.
  • The device is powered on only when you’re depressing button continuously.
  • The rollers are designed to be easily cleaned.

Looking for more information about Fluffy? Check out Dyson’s page for the product.

My First Impressions

I’ll be honest; when I first took a look at this vacuum, it didn’t really jump out at me as something special. Honestly, it reminded me of the other vacuums in Dyson’s V6 wand vacuum series. Still, I had heard that it was a good choice for the hardwood floor, and I considered this a major plus.

I checked the soft roller cleaning head first, and it was clear that this wouldn’t scratch or damage my existing hardwood. For me, this is probably the biggest feather in the cap of the V6 Fluffy.

It removes debris and dust from gentle surfaces, which will make them last longer and prevent future damage. Once I tested it on my wood flooring in my living room, I was sold.

The Use Phase

When I got down to finally trying out the vacuum on my surfaces, I was pleasantly surprised. First, the weight of the device was so well-balanced, it almost felt like I wasn’t even lifting anything extra.

This made the switch from my bathroom floor to the overhead vents simple and easy – there was no strain at all. If I’m honest, I wish that Dyson had packed in a stronger battery since this one only lasts a little over 20 minutes.

Compare this to the three-hour charging time, and you’ll see how this could be difficult when you’re cleaning a large area.

This is further reduced down to six minutes if you’re vacuuming under the strongest setting. Still, for spot cleaning daily of high areas and hardwood, this is a great wand vac.

Additionally, cleaning areas where pets congregate was also made very easy by the nylon wire brushes – they grabbed the soft downy stuff that gets caught in the deeper sections of my carpet with minimal effort. Finally, the canister also has a good enough capacity to keep up with cleaning demands, and it’s very easy to empty it when you’re done.


Overall, since making the purchase, I’ve decided that the Dyson V6 Fluffy cordless vacuum manual is a great fit for my cleaning routine. While you need to be smart with your cleaning due to the battery capacity, you still have more than enough juice to hit a couple of rooms.

Why Did the Dyson V6 Fluffy Score the Way it Did?

  • Design – Overall, the design is very convenient. The ability to quickly transform it into a handheld is very useful.
  • Performance – The motor is powerful, and the max power mode really pulls up debris.
  • Quality – While it has great performance, some components are a little flimsy.
  • Usability – This is a very usable vacuum for most rooms. Just be aware of the 20-minute cleaning duration.
  • Value – This is one of Dyson’s cheaper products, so it comes in at a good cost.
Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum
  • Design - 92%
  • Performance - 90%
  • Quality - 89%
  • Usability - 91%
  • Value - 90%

Final Word

dyson v6 fluffy vacuum cleanerI sincerely hope that you enjoyed my Dyson V6 Fluffy review – it’s a great little machine that has some excellent versatility.

The Dyson V6 Fluffy and Fluffy Complete cordless vacuum models have great weighting, and they won’t set you back by a lot of money.

I particularly was impressed at the hardwood floor roller and the way that the machine handles pet fur and dust. If I were to rate the product, I’d give it four and a half stars, which is about 90%.

It loses half a star rating because of its small use time versus its charging period. Still, I think it would fit most people’s needs, so if it interests you, here’s the link for more detail.


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