Top 5 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors: Must Read Before Deal

Before we start to deal with the main topic, and thus the aim of this article – the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

let’s clarify what implies the term hardwood floor. May sound like unnecessary, but I think it’s important to know what we clean, as well as how to clean (what device is used to clean).

Therefore, we will first give a brief insight into the types of hardwood floors.

Wood was and still is a very important material in the construction industry, from the period of the first human shelters and houses.

Today, in use is a very wide range of wooden products, including wooden constructions, walls, doors, floors.

What we are interested in is the use of wood, both raw and processed, in the interior design – in this case, in particular: floors.

Hardwood floors, in professional terminology, involves many kinds of different materials, but here we will mention only a few basic ones.

We can single out five main types of hardwood flooring:

Each type of floor is in some way challenging to maintain.

If you are faced with the decision ‘buying a new vacuum’, and you are confused about the great offer on the market.

The possibilities of various models, the needs of your household and you are still thinking how to solve all the problems related to this topic by buying a new vacuum cleaner, we are here to help you.

In the era of such well-developed technology, particularly household appliances, with such rapid innovation changes, one who needs to buy a vacuum cleaner for example, can really be at pains. We are convinced that this is your experience too.

What we consider as first needed to clarify is:

10 Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors




Bag or Bagless






Shark NV356E




14 lbs.Best Overall



Hoover BH50010




10 lbs.Best Cordless Vacuum



Miele C1


Uses bag


13 lbs.Best Anti-Allergy



Hoover FH40010B




4.2 lbs.Best 3-in-1 Vacuum



Bissell 81L2A




7.1 lbs.Best Cleaning Head



Eureka 3670G


Uses bag


11 lbs.Best Canister Vacuum



Hoover SH20030




9.5 lbs.Best Price



Miele S194


Uses bag


10 lbs.Best versatile design



Bissell 1315




5.5 lbs.Best Pet Tools



Dyson V6




4.5 lbs.Best Stick Vacuum


Full Review of 5 Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Shark DuoClean NV356E – Best Overall Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator NV356E

The Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed hardwood floor vacuum rightfully takes the first place among a number of very good vacuum cleaner models.

Its main advantage is that it does an amazing job on all floor surfaces.

Equiped with two types of rolling brushes, it cleans both bigger debris and finer particles from even the barest floors.

These brushes work together: a soft one right out front and a bristled brush behind it.At any given time you have control over this function.

There is a switch on the handle which allows you to adjust a few settings – to optimize for thick carpet, low carpet or bare floors.

There is not a special button to adjust how the cleaning head is far away from the flooring, but the adjustments are more than enough.

It works well on all surfaces even when you forget to switch the settings.

The suction is great, even on the bare floor.The Duo Clean is pretty quiet in its operation.

It also has a very long cord, what we consider as important when you have to clean a bigger area.

Compared to similar models, which, however, have fewer advantages, we think it is a bit more expensive.

  • The soft rotating brush at the front.
  • Strong suction on different types of debris.
  • An extra-long cord.
  • Expensive.
  • Lightweight and portable for an upright, but heavy when used to a stick vacuum.

Hoover BH50010CA – Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

Hoover BH50010CAThe Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum to which this model belongs uses famed Hoover’s wind tunnel technology and cyclonic filtration.

It is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, and Hoover did its best to achieve an overall improved exceptional performance.

Although this is an appliance designed to successfully suction all types of floors, it is far superior on hardwood floors.

Its features make it powerful enough to clean carpets, and at the same time gentle and safe to use on hardwood floors.

You can turn off the brush roll when you are vacuuming delicate surfaces.

You cannot adjust the suction, but the vacuum automatically adjusts its height from the floor to match the most effective distance for the surface you are vacuuming.

This vacuum does not use bags. It is equiped with a 32-ounce dirt cup and its design allows you to empty it without exposing yourself to the dust and allergens.

The vacuum has a washable filter which you can clean and reuse after every session.

This cordless hardwood floor vacuum uses an 18-volt lithium ion battery. The battery powers the vacuum for 15 minutes and requires only a three-hour charge time.

With its lightweight of just a bit more than 7 pounds, it cleans wooden floors without adding pressure to them.

Another advantage in this regard is that it has rubber wheels.

While the vacuum effectively cleans tile, wooden floors, as well as carpets, it lacks a hose and additional cleaning tools. Thus, you cannot vacuum hard-to-reach edges, crevices or furniture.

  • Strong performance on bare floors.
  • Washable filter.
  • Safe for hardwood floors.
  • The battery is removable and chargeable while using.
  • Lack of an extendable hose and cleaning attachments.


Miele Compact C1 – Best Anti-Allergy Vacuum CleanerMiele Compact C1

If you don’t like the upright models of vacuums, Miele Compact C1 could be a good choice. By its performances, it significantly stands out among other canister vacuums.

All the tests we have studied showed that it is equally good for suctioning all surfaces of floors.

When it is about hardwood floors, proved to be one of the best for suction of: flour, oatmeal, rice, and cereal collection as well as pet hair and other animal’s messes.

Given that fine particulate matter, especially dust, as well as everything that remains behind pets, cause allergies in sensitive people, a vacuum cleaner can become our enemy instead of a friend.

C1s have the airflow filtered by the Air Clean system. It means that it retains 94% of particles less than 0.3 microns in diameter.

This filter can be upgraded with the optional HEPA filters are certified to retain 99% of particles less than 0.3 microns in diameter.

This vacuum uses the bags which can hold as much as 1.2 gallons. They have a great self-sealing mechanism, based on a spring-loaded collar.

The bags are created from 9-ply construction and fibers spun randomly for increased durability and charged electrostatically to retain even the smallest airborne particles.

So, if you suffer of allergies or asthma, you should consider this model. It’s a bit harder switching between hard and soft floors.

It requires you to switch out manual the brush heads. The vacuum head for hardwood does not have a spinning brush. In vacuuming of the edges on hard floors, it leaves a bit of debris behind.

  • Filtration with the anti-allergic system.
  • Convenient for all surfaces.
  • Excellent pet hair suction.
  • Hard switching between different floors.
  • Poorly vacuuming of the edges.


Hoover FH40010B – Best 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Hoover FloorMate FH40010B

It seems that the Hoover FH40010B in analysis of the hardwood vacuums reaffirms itself again as the best 3-in-1 cleaners.

This vacuum is designed to vacuuming, mop and dry-clean – everything in one.

It means that one machine can deal with all your needs and to eliminate the need for mops and scrub brushes. It even dries your hardwood floor.

This SpinScrub model combines together vacuuming and mopping. It works as a strong floor vacuum, picking up food and dirt, and after that its mopping function washes and drying the floors.

This vacuum is equipped with a bit less powerful motor compared to other models, but the brushes compensate it by capability to pull particles from the floor.

It has two containers that can be used in holding clean and dirty water.The washing function may be used for all hardwood floors.

The vacuum has a motor that runs on 6 amps. While it has less power than most vacuums, the brushes help pull particles off the floor.

The small tank for the water needs to be filled often, and the tank for the dirty water frequently emptied.

Given that this model works on hardwood floors, we have to say that it is pretty heavy, but the rubber wheels help offset the weight.

While this vacuum helps you to perform three actions in one, it does not come with any cleaning attachments or tools.

It does not have a detachable hose, nor any brushes or wands. This can limit your needs in areas you want to clean.

  • Vacuums, washes and dries hardwood floors.
  • Good brushes.
  • Two containers.
  • Weight.
  • No attachments.


Bissell 81L2A – Vacuum with the Best Cleaning Head


While most of the vacuums struggle to reach the edges, the Bissell PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum with its arrow-shaped cleaning head has no such problem.

It is impossible not to notice its remarkable effectiveness at cleaning the edges on any hardwood floor.It sounds like an urban legend, but customers say that in daily maintenance of hard floors it makes wonders.

The unique head of this vacuum allows vacuuming around the furniture, so the moving is needless. It means also that there is a less of a chance to damage your floor by moving the furniture.

Its design offers you edge-to-edge cleaning. What this vacuum make even more impressive, it is able to pick up pet hair better than most other vacuum cleaners, especially on hard floors.

It does a good job of picking up pet hair and it also picks up grass tracked in by pets. Very good! Its dust cup is of high capacity.

This vacuum cleans the flour and fine dust a bit weaker. It is necessary to pass through with other appliances, but it is excellent for cleaning of larger debris.

Bissell 81L2A is a bit louder for its size, also has no hose or accessories of any kind.

  • Arrow-shaped head for edge-to-edge cleaning.
  • Good vacuuming of pat hairs and tracks.
  • Capacity of a dust cup.
  • Weak for fine dust.
  • No attachments.


Why to buy a vacuum cleaner specifically for hardwood floor?

It is not the same, cleaning of hardwood or some other floor.

In this video you can see why for example it’s beneficial to vacuum a hardwood floor with a vacuum that has plastic wheels, with help from a member of the National Wood Floor Association:

It’s most likely that the floors at your home are not only hardwood, any kind. You probably have tile floors, as well as carpets.

When it is about the tile floors, the most of vacuums for hardwood floors is good enough for cleaning tile floors.

Their features are pretty common. But when is about carpets, there are some very important differences.

In reviews of separate models, we will look back at these issues.

So, we want to answer the question why is useful and in your case perhaps necessary to have a good vacuum for hardwood floor.

If your home is mostly hardwood flooring, you will need a vacuum designed for that flooring.

There are many great models that very well clean the carpets, and you can think that when you have already paid a very high quality vacuum cleaner, so … it will be quite good for your hardwood floor. And – you could make a mistake here, because many of them simply are not designed for hardwood floor.

To make things worse, you could seriously damage your floor.

So it’s important that you know the following when choosing:

Features to look for in a hardwood vacuum

Among lot of options, many of them depend on your home and your needs, but we will highlight the most important.

  • Gentle cleaning brushes that won’t scrape or damage your floor. You don’t want a vacuum with beater brushes.
  • They are designed to dig into the carpet fibers, so they can pick up dirt and debris from carpet, but they can make a real disaster on your hardwood floor. However, there are models with an on/off switch. If you are confident in your memory, that you will always remember to turn beater brush off – then it may be a good choice for you. If not… think about it.
  • Strong or low-medium suction power: vacuums for carpets, especially the larger ones have to have very strong suction power, to pick up effectively all the dirt and debris.
  • When it is about hardwood floors vacuum, a very few require so strong suction. For the most of hardwood floors low to medium suction power is the better choice.
  • Rubber or felt stripe padding is a good attachment, to ensure that the vacuum cleaner will not cause accidental scratching on the floors.
  • Lightweight and compact: for delicate wood surfaces, a vacuum should be lightweight and compact, because it does make it easier to handle and reduces the risk of causing scratches.
  • Attachments should be appropriate, to help you to reach those areas where the dirt and debris are collected.
  • A few more things to look for are:
    • vacuum that is bagless, or with a disposable bag
    • vacuum with powerful canister, or rather a light stick for smaller areas
    • full sized upright vacuum, or handheld vacuum
    • vacuum designed specifically for cleaning home/areas where pets live
    • robotic – more automated vacuum

Regardless of which vacuum model you choose, the most important is that it meets your needs.

Let’s help you to choose the best one for you, so you can say: “Knock on wood, I made a right decision.”

Final word

While cleaning of the home can be really painful experience, we, fortunately, have so many ways to overcome and make of it a work satisfaction.

In addition to the fact that you may begin to enjoy more in your living space, your shelter under the sky, you also have a wide range of auxiliaries for it. Vacuum cleaners are a very important auxiliary tool.

In this article we dealt with the vacuums for hardwood floors. In this great range, why are we chose Shark DuoClean as the Overall Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors?

Apart of that it is one of the best selling vacuums in this category and has many thousands of reviews within general very good rating, we choose it because:

  • It has one of the biggest dust containers in the range at 2.2 dry quarts.
  • With this extra large dust cup, it is well suited to high traffic areas where you have lots of dirt and debris to suck up.
  • The power cord is 30 feet long which means that you don’t have to change electric outlets too often while cleaning.
  • It also features an excellent array of accessories and tools such as a dusting brush, 8″ crevice tool, pet power brush, dust-away hard floor attachment with 2 microfiber pads.

Related to the price, which is our only major complaint, however, we have to say that its features and possibilities justify the cost.

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