About us

This is K Kuchiya, the owner and editor of CleanUpHome.com, I am passionate about my work and creating content that must be useful for visitors.

Clean Up Home is a website intended what most people strive: clean and well-organized living space.

The idea for the site was created as a result of private conversations of the members of this team, while we worked another job.

During the breaks, while we drank coffee, we have often complained to each other that we have problems to arrange our apartments or houses.

Everyone had different problems: the space was too small for furniture; furniture was not functionally staggered; doors and windows were impractical installed; there was not enough room for books; there were too many things that we were not sure whether we need them, etc. An apartment/house often seemed dirty although was regularly cleaned.

Some of us had an experience with professional interior designers, but: it is a big expense, and as we are creative persons who are dealing creative jobs – well, we want to find creative practical solutions by ourselves.

Thus, from personal needs, we started to develop an idea – by collecting information and helping ourselves, to offer to other people interesting and especially useful tips on home arrangement and cleaning.

I want to become interior designers of our homes, the same way we wish to enable for you to be capable to enjoy in the arrangement of your own living space.

To this end, for a start, we have three main missions, and as to how our blog develops – hopefully in cooperation with you – there will be even more.

Mission No. 1: Reliable and verified information presented through engaging content

This is the basis of our idea for starting a blog: to provide readers great content, with all the interesting stuff related to home cleaning, in every sense.

That’s why we hire our team who are passionate researchers. Whether it is about the cleaning, decoration, design, colors, use of space, natural cleaning products – here you will always get high-quality content.

Mission No. 2: Provide the best tips and advice

As already said, we started this blog because we had the problems with the organization, clutter, and cleaning of our own homes.

Aside from the writing of interesting and fun content, we find that it is not enough if we do not provide useful tips and advice,

in order to help our readers to accomplish full enjoyment in such challenging undertaking – to become your own master, or to “do it yourself”.

That is why on this blog we will give our best to give you the best, easiest, most effective and cheapest solutions, through the checked advice.

Mission No. 3: Valuable reviews about products and services

For some solutions and activities will be needed certain products and services.

We carefully follow and analyze comments, reviews, comparisons, best of guides, videos, and more we stand behind what we write. We explore the target groups and we make a comparative analysis.

Currently, we review Vacuum Cleaner, Mop, Smart Home Device, Blower and so on.

In addition to that, we are also users of the products and services, just like you, so that we can provide the first-hand information.

If you have any questions about anything that is in a wide range of topics of this blog, or if you’d like to talk to our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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