9 Key Features of Contemporary Interior Design You Should Know

There are many interior design styles that you can choose. Contemporary interior design styles are quite popular as they combine elegance and functionality. Let’s look at nine key features of a contemporary interior that you may have noticed.

1. Big on Functionality

One of the biggest things you’ll notice about a room with contemporary interior design is its high level of functionality. For instance, you won’t find items such as statues or gaudy decor items in a contemporary home. Everything facilitates a design that communicates simplicity and efficiency.

2. Low to Now Ornaments

Ornaments don’t belong in a contemporary interior, whether it’s in a home or commercial building. Elements such as flowers or basic shapes on blankets would look out of place, ruining the whole look. Contemporary design will have little to no decorations and utilise simple colors.

3. Cold or Not?

Contemporary design, with its focus on functionality and lack of decorations, inherently gives a cold look. However, you can use warm colors to counter that effect. Of course, you decide what kind of look you want. In any case, simplicity is the key in this type of interior design.

4. Neutral Tones

Simple colors and neutral tones are the order of the day in contemporary interiors. No interior designer will add hues such as bright green or light lemon to a contemporary design project. So if you want to keep a classical and simple look, use neutral colors.

5. Large Color Blocks

You won’t find any small spots or splashes of colors in a contemporary interior. If you see different colors in a contemporary interior, you’ll see them in large blocks or spaces.

6. No Curves

Instead of curves, a contemporary design space will have straight lines. The angles between the lines may vary, but straight lines they will be nonetheless. This also has a symbolic message for functionality and efficiency as a straight line is the shortest distance between two points!

7. Unembellished Windows

You already know there is little to no ornamentation in contemporary interior design. Well, even the windows don’t have any embellishments. The only colourful, curvy, decorative things about the windows will be found in the beautiful view coming through them.

8. Natural Decorations

There will be little decorative pieces. And those present will be natural items. For instance, wooden tables, bamboo blinds, and woolen carpets. We just talked about windows.So if you’re wondering what kind of decoration would go there, roman shades would be a great option.

9. Smooth Textures

Smooth textures are used in contemporary interior design. From furniture to lamps to curtains and all kinds of accessories, smooth textures will be implemented across the items.


So, which of these have you noticed in an interior? What you need to understand is that these nine features don’t necessarily have to restrict the way you design an interior. You can bring your own style and preferences in the interior by using these design principles in a way that appeals to you.

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