7 Unique Birthday Ideas that Will Maximize the Fun and Minimize Expenses

A great birthday is always memorable. But it doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair. You can celebrate your, or a loved one’s birthday at home on a budget. And still call it a fun and unique party.

Here are some budget birthday ideas to throw a unique and memorable birthday party at your home.


1.     Send Digital Invites

Let’s start with invitations. This is just in case you have guests who actually need a little formal invitations and a WhatsApp message won’t cut it. So instead of mailing expensive paper invitations, you can send out electronic invites for the birthday party. Sites such as Evite and Paperless Post are the perfect place to create and send free & fun invites to your party.


birthday party

2.     Keep a Simple Menu

You really don’t need to create an elaborate menu. For example, if you’re having the party in your backyard, just grill some hot dogs and burgers. Add to that some side dishes even kids will love, and you’re all set.

The same simplicity goes for drinks. Don’t think that you absolutely have to buy fizzy drinks. You can save quite some cash by making soft drinks at home like lemonade and different flavors of Tang. Most people don’t do this and just stack expensive cans of soda on the table. So it’ll be a unique refreshment idea that everyone will love.


3.     Buy from Bulk Stores

Snacks, finger foods, paper plates – get all of it from your local bulk store. You can save a lot if you don’t aim for the fanciest stuff, whether it’s the food items or the disposable cutlery.

There are plenty of cheap yet cool options to choose from that can light up your birthday party without emptying your wallet. Same goes for balloons, streamers and other cheap party décor that will add life to your birthday bash.


4.     Host the Party Between Lunch and Dinner

One of the best ways to save money on your birthday party is to have it between meal times. This way you will only have to serve snacks and not full meals. Make it more about a fun experience than the exquisite meal and you can throw a great, pocket-friendly party. As long as you have a good cake and your guests munching on few basic and fun food items, there won’t be any complaints food-wise.


5.     Borrow Instead of Rent

You often need extra chairs and tables to accommodate guests at your party. Before you head out and rent out these items, see if you can borrow them. Ask your neighbors, friends and family members if they can spare some chairs, tables etc. for a few hours.

Don’t worry about these being different shapes or sizes. It can even add to the spontaneity of your party. Plus you can always cover the borrowed tables with cool tablecloths that match your theme if you really think the different tables aren’t looking good together.


6.     Choose a Color-based Theme

Instead of going for expensive merchandise related themes, you can add a splash of color and decorate accordingly on a budget. This will save you shelling out money on pricey decorations. Sticking to a color based them is easier and will look great.


7.     Focus on the Experience

Complement the colored theme with fun things to do. Like instead of buying party games, think of ways to use stuff you already have. Like playing music on your computer. Or if it’s a kid’s birthday party, arranging a scavenger hunt around the house.

There’s really no limit to the amount of money you can spend on a birthday. But with a few smart ideas like the ones you just read, you can create a fun, unique and memorable birthday party at your home that doesn’t cost you a fortune. Good luck and happy birthday!

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