7 Superb Eco-Friendly House Ideas that Take Care of Our Planet and Your Wallet

One of the biggest concerns we should have is how to live in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Here are seven eco-friendly house ideas that help you with just that.

1.     Smaller is Better

A smaller home will invariably have less of an impact on the environment as compared to a bigger house. It will also cost more to cool and heat a bigger place.

So if you’re building a home, try to build a smaller, yet comfortable, one. Size is impressive but with smart architecture you can create a smaller yet impressive living space that is cost effective and eco-friendly.


2.     Energy Efficient Equipment

For all types of home appliances and units, seek out the ones with the best energy efficiency. These help you keep costs down without compromising on performance. From kitchen appliances to air conditioning to cleaning units, energy efficient products across your house are definitely a smart, eco-friendly idea.


3.     Proper Insulation

One of the most important eco-friendly house ideas is proper insulation. Since cooling and heating accounts for about half of your house’s energy consumption, it makes sense to pay attention to your home’s insulation.

You should avoid having any air leaks around doors, windows and duct work around the house as these results in a building’s heat loss. Proper insulation is a very powerful eco-friendly measure that also cuts your electricity bills.


4.     Sustainable Building Materials

If you’re serious about building an eco-friendly house, you should use sustainable building materials. These have a lower impact on the environment and make your home truly green. From roofing to cabinets and counters to flooring, the material used for every part of your house should be environmentally friendly.

Good examples of green, sustainable building materials include lumber recycled glass and plastic, bamboo and cork. Sustainable and durable materials go a long way in helping the environment, without affecting the look & feel or comfort of your home in any way.


5.     Less Wood

Save the trees and cut your energy bills! If you have to construct your house in a place that has trees, think twice before cutting them all down. You can use some of the trees to provide shade to your home, keeping it cool. Remember, construction of a home doesn’t have to mean destruction of the environment.


6.     Angled Windows

You can put your windows to good use and maximize your home’s eco-friendliness. For instance, angled windows will let more natural light into your home. You can also have glass panels at the bottom of the windows that can be opened like trapdoors to let cool breeze flow through your house, significantly reducing the need for air-conditioning.


7.     Solar Panels

The Sun is always there to help you when you’re thinking about the environment. Clean and renewable, solar energy is the best kind of energy you can use to power your home and care for the planet at the same time.

While solar panels may be a little pricey, it’s a one-time investment that is totally worth it – to you and Mother Nature. Your utility bills will also come down. So if you live in a place where you don’t have to wait weeks for proper sunlight, put up some solar panels.

By applying these eco-friendly house ideas, your life will have a much lower impact on the environment. And you will save quite a bit of your hard-earned money as well. This is one of the best ways to live isn’t it?

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