5 Simple and Amazing Craft Ideas for Home Décor to Jazz Up Your Living or Workspace

Craft ideas

There’s so much you can do, easily, to jazz up your home and office. You can use easy craft ideas for home décor and transform your living or work space. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to make that happen. Here are some simple craft ideas you can use.

Colored Cane Chair

Simple, yet easily transformed. You can add a colorful, stitched design to your otherwise bland cane chair. First, take a pencil and trace a design on the chair by using a pattern. Then, apply a backstitch and thread a chunky yarn through all the openings of the cane chair. If you use a tape to wrap the ends of the yarn, you can move the yarn more easily.

Paint Chip Centerpiece

If you have leftover paint chips and a glass vase, you can fashion a beautiful monochromatic centerpiece.

Start by measuring the vase’s circumference so you know how many paint chips are required. Next, put the paint chips face down (the long edges should overlap a little). Use clear tape to create one wide panel for holding the chips together.

Then, use the panel to line the inside of the vase, with the colored side of the panel on the outside. Again, use clear tape to secure as required. Finally, put a smaller vase inside the first one lined with the chips. Add water to this second vase and prop some flowers and you’re done!

Button Cushion

Turn your average round pillow into a button cushion. Start off by tracing a 12-inch dinner plate on an empty pillow case, and then creating another 9-inch one inside it.

Divide the inner circle into equal quadrants (use a ruler) and mark them with a chalk. Then trace four 2.5-inch wide circles (use a juice glass).

So now you have six circles (two plates, 4 glasses). Run a colored fabric marker to outline these circles and let them dry for a couple of minutes before putting the pillow insert in the pillow case.

Next, thread some embroidery floss into a long needle and run it through the middle of the four small circles. Do it two times to create tufting.

Knot the floss tightly behind the pillow. And now you have cute a button cushion. You can put it in your kids’ room or leave it in your living room.

Office Table Tray

Don’t let clutter hamper your productivity. Or let a boring desk keep your creative juices from flowing. You can easily create a trendy and practical unit to hold your stationery. Just get a small tray (you can clean an old unused one) and some glass jars.

Put the jars on the tray and place them on your desk – and you’ve got yourself a great place to put your pens, pencils, stapler and other small work essentials. Easy craft ideas for home and office décor don’t get easier than this.

Acrylic Clipboards

OK, for this you’ll need cut acrylic (9″ x 12″ or similar), large binder clips and screw hooks. Insert the screw hooks to your office wall, and then hang the binder clips on the hooks. Now take the acrylic sheets and fit them in the clips.

Stand back and see the wonderful “organized” wall. You can insert different items in the clips from daily quotations to to-do lists to pictures. Use your imagination!

Whether it’s your kids’ room, general house decoration or your office, you can create a space that looks fun, unique and practical with simple DIY craft décor ideas.

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